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Loutskii Heorhii

professor, Sc.D.


Vice-President of the Ukrainian Academy of Informatics, Head of section "Computer and Intelligent Systems and Networks" of the Ukrainian Academy of Higher Education, President of International Association "Ukraine-Jordan," was awarded the medal "In honor of the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv" - 1982., An "Excellent Education of Ukraine. ", was awarded the title"Honored Worker of Science ", 2007 year. 

        Born June 22, 1938 In 1965 graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 1970 he defended his Ph.D., and in 1986 - his Sc.D.dissertation in technical sciences.Since 1973 – AssociateProfessor, 1987 - Professor, since 1991 - Head of Department of Computer Technique. 

Teach disciplines:

  • «Computer systems»
  • «Computer systems designing»

Scientific interests:

     The theory of parallel processing, in particular the theory of pipelining information processing and directions of its development as a pipelining -cyclic processing, multidimensional pipelining, systolic and non-autonomous processing. The theory of the development of large-scale most productive computing systems. Methods andmeans of informatization and information protection in Ukraine. Headed direction" Most productive parallel computing systems and networks. "


Is the author of 290 scientific works, among them: 5 monographs, 10 books, patents for inventions. Including:

  1. Lutsky G., Kulakov J. The architecture of computer networks. K.: "Yunіor, 2001 -384p.
  2. Lutsky G., Pechurin N., Krivoy S. Discrete mathematics. Kyiv.: Institute of System Research of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 1995 - 256p.
  3. Lutsky G., Kapitonova Y. Krivoy S., Letichevsky A., Pechurin N. "Discrete mathematics". - K.: LitSoft, 2000, Book 1 - 384p.
  4. Louttsky G., Zhukov I., Korochkin A. Parallel Computing. – K.: “Korneychuk”, 2007. – 144p.
  5. Lutsky G., Dolgolenko O., Poryev V., Blinov T.  "The device to add sequence of numbers with floating point.  Ukraine patent number 50428A, Bull. № 10, 2002.
  6. Lutsky G., Dolgolenko O., Poryev V., Blinov T.  "The device to add sequence of numbers with floating point.  Ukraine patent number 58920, Bull. № 8, 2003.

Under the leadership of  Lutsky reserved two Sc.D’s (Symonenko V. -, 1996, Miroslav Haider PNR - 2005) and 37 PhD’s works.


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e-mail: lutsky@comsys.kpi.ua
тел. 406-86-56, 93-34

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