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Martinuk Jakov

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher, Ph.D., Deputy Head of Department for Scientific research work


Teach disciplines:

«Basics of the computer designing»

Scientific activity:

    Theory and technology of designing and manufacturing of ferroelectric memory for  computers and an ultrasonic medical and technical diagnostics devices.

     Development of constructions, technologies and manufacturing of ceramic board andmultiplier of electrons samples of multi-channel digital laser detector masspektrometraThe years of 2001-2003. Customer - Institute of Applied Physics NASU, Sumy. There were only two types of digital detectors with aperture size of 10 and 50 mm and digitaldetectors number 400 and 2000 units. The development realized into experimental production plant of electron microscopes, Sumy. Achieved a resolution of the digitallaser masspektrometrs of real time at least 3000 lines of 250 mm aperture andsensitivity of 10-4-10-8 on the mass of the substance that allows to identify all elements of the periodic table and at least 10 isotopes of each element in real time. 

Achieved results are the best in the world. Scientific head Martyniuk Y.V., appropriate executive Verba A.A.


The author of 112 scientific works, including 70 inventor certificates, 4 of them are introduced. 

Prepared 2 PhD.

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e-mail: martinuk@comsys.kpi.ua
тел. 454-93-35

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