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      In 1960 was founded a scientific school of department. By 2010, mainstream science was - "High-performance computer systems and networks: theory, methods and means of hardware and software implementation." 

  The department known for its scientific work, which found the mapping in 46 monographs, 162 textbooks and teaching manuals, 850 copyright certificates, patents ,and of course, in the preparation of specialists of higher qualification through graduate and doctoral studies. Scientific school department representing in Ukraine and 18 countries around the world more than 300 PhDs and 18 ScDc. 

  Since 2010 the school changed its scientific direction. 

   Today, a new scientific direction, "Theory of network information technologies, methods and means of hardware and software implementation of high-performance computer systems and networks focused on distributed data processing in the cluster, GRID and Cloud environments." 

    Leader: H. M. Loutsii, prof., Honored. Worker of Science of Ukraine. 

   Science areas: Information technology, information and communication technologies in education, mathematics and software of computers systems, mathematical modeling and computational methods, systems and artificial intelligence, system protection, automation systems of design work, computer systems and components, electronics. 

    In forming the scientific direction of the department CT takes account of art. 3."Priorities for Science and Technology in 2020" Law of Ukraine, adopted by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 09.09.2010, On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the priority areas of science and technology." In accordance with this Law, the second list of all the six areas are: "2) information and communication technologies." Direction was formed on 10.4.2010 demands to SRP NTUU "KPI" based on the direction of scientific school of CT and directions of scientific and technical activities of laboratories provided scientific leaders.

                  The new scientific direction of the department carried out such scientific work. 

Theoretical and applied research in a high-performance parallel computing systems.

Methods and means of adaptive security management of computer systems and networks. 

Methods and means of improving the efficiency of parallel computations in real time computer systems. 

Methods and means of building components and systems for ferroelectric nonvolatile memory for computers and electronics. 

Development of models, methods and means for synthesis of computer systems for processing data streams. 

Development of technologies and means of structural and object-oriented programming. 

Development and research methods of semantic analysis of natural and computer languages in artificial intelligence systems. Automating the analysis of formal specifications and verification of automation systems for programming and simulation. 

Research and development of advanced networked information technologies focused on distributed data processing with a given quality of service. 

Methods and means to enhance problem solving in heterogeneous computing environments. 

Improved corporate information systems, including information systems of high schools. 

Risk analysis in problems of information security of distributed systems.

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