Research and design of computer systems

The discipline "Research and design of computer systems" refers to the professional and practical training of masters in the specialty 8.0501`0201 "Computer systems and networks". It is based on the material of the disciplines: NF-07 - Computer Logic, NP-02 - Computer Electronics, ЗП-06 - Computer Circuitry, NP-04 - Computer Architecture, "Parallel and Distributed Computing", ЗП-08 - "Peripherals", NP-05 - "Computer Networks", "Computer systems", ЗП-10 - "Protection of information in the COP", NP-04 - " Operating systems ", ЗП-04 -" System programming ".

The purpose and main tasks of the training module are the study of the foundations of the theory of digital computing systems, the methods of constructing multiprocessor computer systems (MOS), methods for evaluating their technical and economic indicators, as well as the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities in the development of hardware MOS on a modern element basis.


Lutsky Georgiy
Rusanova Olga
Klymenko Iryna
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