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The department gives students profound knowledge of such key subjects:

Specialists in specialty 123 "Computer Engineering" receive deep and comprehensive knowledge of the design, development, operation, system and application programming of complex computing systems: distributed and cluster computer systems, local, global and corporate computer networks. In further study, students acquire the specialization "Computer Systems and Networks" or "Programming Technologies for Computer Systems and Networks".

Career opportunities 123.2040.1 Computer systems and networks

Software engineers and computer engineers, project managers and system administrators, research engineers, project management software managers, system and application programmers, computer system analysts and more.

Career opportunities 123.2040.2 Programming technologies for computer systems and networks

Software engineers and their developers, managers, database analysts and developers, embedded computer systems developers, research engineers, project managers and IT departments, technical directors, etc.

Activities of specialists in specialty 121 :"Software Engineering" is associated with the development and maintenance of software applications for computer systems and networks, corporate systems and networks, decision support systems, automated control systems. Intelligent systems, software products for business, Web-portals, multimedia software, databases and knowledge, software tools for protecting information in computer systems and networks. In further study, students acquire the specialization "Software of high-performance computer systems and networks".

Career opportunities 121.2040.1 Software for high-performance computer systems and networks computer : software engineers; engineer-researcher of computer systems; designers and developers of software systems; database programmer and application programmers; engineers-researchers department heads; heads of departments (divisions), project managers, etc.

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