Scientific school

"High-performance computer systems and networks: the theory, methods and means of hardware and software implementation"

The nature of the school

Development of fundamental knowledge in the fields of the theory of construction of high-performance computer systems and networks, methods and means of their hardware and software implementation.

Samofalov Konstantin Grigorovich prof., D.Sc.
Lutsky Georgiy Mikhailovich prof., D.Sc.
History of the school. The school was founded in 1960 by prof. Samofalov Konstantin Grigorovich, presented in Ukraine and in 18 countries of the world graduates of post-graduate and doctoral studies. During the period of the school's existence 18 doctors of sciences and over 350 candidates of sciences were trained. The scientific results are presented in 46 monographs, presented in 950 author's certificates and patents of the USSR, Ukraine and other countries, dissertations, journals and scientific publications. The total number of scientific works is more than 3000. Six employees of the department were awarded with the honorary insignia "The inventor of the USSR". The works of the department are marked by two state awards of Ukraine (KG Samofalov, OM Romankevich, LF Karachun) and one prize of the USSR (KG Samofalov) in the field of science and technology. In the period from 1961 to 1965, the scientific work of the department was carried out in the direction of automation of production processes with the use of computer facilities for 12 planned state budget themes, including particularly important topics, which were endorsed by contract works.

For example: Theoretical substantiation and development of the method of an experimental study of the dynamic characteristics of a complex rectangular column of the automated control system of the Kherson oil refinery without violating normal operation.
Development of unified control machine (УКМ). The theme was executed according to the plan of the most important works according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR №1380 dated December 24, 1963 (subject number 31/113).

The NDR-K-5 was carried out jointly with the department of processing telemetry (space) information of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the task of the Scientific and Technical Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences on Cosmonautics (1963-1965).

Development of a specialized computer for controlling electron beam gun during welding. Performed on behalf of the Institute of Electric Welding. E.O. Paton Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Since 1965, scientific work was carried out in the plan of solving a complex problem of development, research, creation and introduction of new computer facilities in the industry.

Until 1973, 4 scientific areas were formed at the department and 58 regular staffers of the research fellowship, among them 19 candidates of technical sciences.

In general, these directions can be formulated in the following way: Development and research of new technical means of computing technology in the integral implementation and the principles of increasing the efficiency of computational processes and devices.

Development of specialized software for computer facilities and automation with the use of a digital computing machine (CMS).

Application of computer technology for planning and management of the university's educational process on the example of the CPI.

Automation of production processes with the use of computer facilities.
Each direction was maintained at the department by one or two scientific laboratories, which provided GDR, OCR and training of scientific staff on the basis of implementation of state budget and state-commissioned work. Six laboratories were created. Fundamental theoretical research at the department was periodically subordinated to the most important developments that were introduced into the industry, which was confirmed by a large economic effect from their introduction. For example, the approved economic effect exceeded 16 million rubles in the 10th and 11th five-story.
In cooperation with the NGO team of them. Korolova developed the first in the world practice system of complex automation of the galvanic workshop on the base of the modernized TsOM . The results are summarized in the monograph "Complex automation of galvanic workshops with the use of controlling computers", K., Higher school, 1973, 200 p. (under the joint edition of Prof. KGG Samofalov). The Great Gold Medal of the Soviet Union of Independence.

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