Syllabuses. 123 - Computer Engineering (Bachelor)

Mandatory (normative) components of EP

General Training Cycle 

ЗО 1 History of Science and Technology

ЗО 2 Culture of Speech and Business Speech

ЗО 3 Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle

ЗО 4.1 Foreign Language. Part 1

ЗО 4.2 Foreign Language. Part 2

ЗО 5.1 Foreign Language for Professional Purposes. Part 1

ЗО 5.2 Foreign Language for Professional Purposes. Part 2

ЗО 6 Economics and Organization of Production

ЗО 7.1 Higher Mathematics. Part 1

ЗО 7.2 Higher Mathematics. Part 2

ЗО 7.3 Higher Mathematics. Part 3

ЗО 8 Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra

ЗО 9.1 Programming.Part 1

ЗО 9.2 Programming.Part 2

ЗО 10 Discrete Mathematics

ЗО 11 Physics

ЗО 12 Theory of Electrical Circuits and Signals

ЗО 13 Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

ЗО 14 Computer Electronics

ЗО 15 Life Safety and Civil Protection

ЗО 16 Introduction to Philosophy

ЗО 17 Environmental Strategy

ЗО 18 Law

Professional Training Cycle

ПО 1.1 Computer Logic. Part 1

ПО 1.2 Computer Logic. Part 2

ПО 2 Data Structures and Algorithms

ПО 3 Introduction to Operating System Linux

ПО 4 Database Organization

ПО 5 Software Engineering

ПО 6.1 Computer Architecture. Part 1

ПО 6.2 Computer Architecture. Part 2

ПО 6.3 Computer Architecture. Part 3

ПО 7 System Programming

ПО 8 Parallel Programming

ПО 9 System Software

ПО 10 Computer Networks

ПО 11 Computer Systems

ПО 12 Protection of  Information in Computer Systems and Networks

ПО 13 Algorithms and Methods of Calculations

ПО 14 Course work on Computer Logic

ПО 15 Course work on Software Engineering

ПО 16 Course work on System Programming

ПО 17 Course work on Computer Architecture

ПО 18 Course work on System Programming

ПО19 Computer Circuitry

ПО 20 Pre-diploma Practice

ПО 21 Diploma Design


Selective components of EP

Professional training cycle (Department Сatalog)

AGILE software development methodology

Introduction to Data Science technology

User interface programming technologies (Front-end)

Server software development technologies (Back-end)

C/Embedded programming technologies

Introduction to artificial intelligence

Graphic and geometric modeling and creation of realistic images

Fundamentals of software development on the Node.JS platform

Fundamentals of software development on the Java platform

Development of system programs

FPGA Programming Technologies

Program and data security systems

Computer Vision Technologies

Python programming technologies

Distributed information systems

Parallel and distributed computing

Management of IT infrastructure projects

Digital signal processing

Mobile computer networks

Basics of computer modeling

System programming in the Unix environment

Computer aided design of computer systems

Testing and quality control (QA) of embedded systems

Methodology and organization of scientific research

Design and Implementation of Operating Systems

Intelligent (Real Time) embedded systems

Basics of data science

Statistical methods of machine learning

Network programming in the Unix environment

Modern software development technologies

Java programming language (Information Systems and Technologies Department)

Data analysis using the Python language (Information Systems and Technologies Department)

Methods and technologies of Artificial Intelligence (Information Systems and Technologies Department)

Software tools for designing and implementing neural network systems (Information Systems and Technologies Department)

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