Specialty 123 Computer Engineering:

Students of this specialty work on the creation and maintenance of hardware and software for modern and advanced information technologies. They develop and apply the computer systems and components of general purpose and application specific processors, create and maintain the system software. The acquired knowledge allows the graduates to implement the latest computer technologies in the large IT companies and enterprises, as well as to create software for computer systems and networks that meet the latest world requirements.

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Educational professional program - 123

Specialty 121 Software Engineering:

The educational process is intended for those who want to master the modern information technology and become a software artist, not just a programmer. In addition to studying the disciplines of software engineering, the architecture of computer systems and networks also is studied in depth. The network services and cloud technologies are studied as well. Students acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills in the application services, software components to support the business processes. They achieve the tools for development and management of the service-oriented software architectures, platform solutions, IT infrastructure of various functional purposes.

The educated students are ready to create the computer systems from smartphones, laptops, to the high-end systems. They are engaged in the support of service-oriented software architectures, design, management and development of IT infrastructure, and software project management.

All about the introduction.

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Educational professional program - 121


D-catalog of selective academic disciplines

D-catalog of selective academic disciplines of the practical training cycle of the first (bachelor) higher education professional level, 123 Computer Engineering and 121 Software engineering specialties for the 2022-2023 academic year

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