Attention masters! Thesis defense December 2021


Dear masters!
From November 23 to December 5, the master's dissertation must be uploaded to the KPI-Connect service to be checked for regulatory control, plagiarism and to obtain permission to defend.

The website of our department contains instructions for using the KPI-Connect service, masters and teachers - managers, at the link: https://comsys.kpi.ua/kpi-connect-2
After obtaining permission to defend, download the master's thesis in the cloud storage, according to the template of file names:

 . . .pdf (Shevchenko.Ivan.IV31.pdf)
 . . .docx (Shevchenko.Ivan.IV31.docx)

Master's dissertation in full, extension: .doc, .docx, or .pdf, download to the cloud storage, at the link: https://cloud.comsys.kpi.ua/s/T3fqSqZc2sbByqn

Explanatory note of the master's dissertation, extension: .doc or .docx., Download cloud storage, at the link: https://cloud.comsys.kpi.ua/s/fAGfbqZyDRT8nYe

After defending your master's dissertation, download the completed application form to the cloud storage, at the link: https://cloud.comsys.kpi.ua/s/J3n46j8mTaBPDcn
to enter data into the ELA KPI library. Please read carefully the notes above the table in the instructions "Detailed instructions for Masters of the Questionnaire", at the link: https://comsys.kpi.ua/kpi-connect-1

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