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Today, the Department of Computer Science is one of the leading departments of Ukraine in computer systems and networks design and hardware support.


Educational and scientific work is led by highly qualified teachers and researchers, including 7 professors and 19 associate professors.

For most of the courses there are published by department lecturers textbooks and teaching aids.

The department has a modern technical base - 7 training and 4 research laboratories are equipped with modern technology.

Department of Computer Engineering is one of founders and developers of the concept of constructing the supercomputing center. Employees of the department occupy key positions in the staff of this center and their efforts ensure a high level of efficiency and technical support of the center.

At the Department of Computer Science a GRID system based on middleware gLite 3.1 is deployed, which is used to train students of modern IT technologies, as well as solving complex scientific and engineering problems.

Skills of working in the GRID environment allow using computing resources of GRID-systems of Ukraine and the whole world efficiently.


Professor Yuri Kulakov conducts a consultation for the students of Computer Science department on modern computer systems and network technologies in the teaching and research lab of GRID- systems design.

On the basis of the department an international institute of technology HP was created. The main objective is the introduction of modern computer technologies in the educational process and Ukraine’s industry.

Thanks to that KPI became one of more than 20 universities in Central and Eastern Europe that joined the MIT HP program. The program was created in 2008 specifically for Russian high schools, and its uniqueness and the early success allowed her to become an international only after a year of work.



Kiev, 27 April 2010 .- a solemn opening ceremony of the educational and scientific center of HP held with the participation of Deputy Education Minister Yevgeny Nikolayevich Sulema, the Rector of KPI Michael Zakharovich Zgurovsky, Rastbihlera Herbert, managing director of HP in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Sergiy Savenko, CEO of HP in Ukraine, and other dignitaries.




Congratulations by Herbert Rastbihlera in the hall of the Academic Council. Opening of the International Institute for HP-technology


Scientists H.M. Loutskii, J.O. Kulakov, O.V. Korochkin, S.G. Stirenko actively participated in developing of the concept of highly computational complex and in building of the NTU "KPI" cluster. This complex is a part of a highly productive GRID-
 environment and is involved in processing the problems of world-renowned European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN, Switzerland).

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