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Yurii Kulakov

professor, Sc.D.


     Leading the direction of "High-perfomance computer networks and systems, intelligent management tools of integrated computer network swhich are able tod ynamic reconfiguration." 

Teaches disciplines: 

  • "Computer Network" 
  • "Design of computer networks" 
  • "The global computer networks" 

Scientific activities: 

        Design of computer networks and organization of computational processes in them, improving the efficiency of problem-oriented systems, distributed processing, development and implementation of network technologies, development methods and means of organizing the operation of geographically distributed cluster and GRID-Systems. 


Published 2 textbooks and 6 guidelines. Author of 120 scientific papers and two patents.

1. Kulakov, Y. Way to improve procedures in mobile networks which are able to rerouting/ / Problems of Information and Management: Zb.nauk.pr. - Kyiv: NAU, 2009 .- Issue 2 (26) P.87-91. 
2. Kulakov, Y., Derevyanchyk A.A., Secure routing algorithms for mobile computing networks / / Problems of Information and Management: Zb.nauk.pr. - Kyiv: NAU, 2009 .- Vol.3 (27) P.99 -103. 
3. Yuriy Kulakov, Iryna Klymenko. The planning features in the Mobile GRID / / Modern computer systems and networks, development and use. Proceedings of 4th International Scientific Conference ACSN 2009. - Lviv NPF "Ukrainian Technology, 2009. -328 p. 
4. Kulakov, Y., Levchuk, A.V. Multipath routing in wireless networks / / Electronics and Control Systems - M. NAU.2010 - № 4 (26) 2010. – P.142-147. 
5. Kulakov, Y., AleninaO.I. Method of forming distributedclusters insystem of severalclusters, connected through a global network / / Problems of Information and Management: Zb.nauk.pr. - Kyiv: NAU, 2008 .- Issue 2 (26) C.-81-86.

     Prepared 14 PhDs and 17 masters. 

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e-mail: ya.kulakov@gmail.com
icq: Skype: yurii.kulakov Skype: yurii.kulakov
тел. (044)-454-92 92

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