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General Science: 

1st course: English, Physical Education, History of Ukraine, Business Ukrainian, Ukrainian and foreign culture. 

2nd course: English, Physical Education, Philosophy, Religion. 

3rd course: Economics, Fundamentals of Environmental protection, Fundamentals of Health and Safety protection. 

4th course: Fundamentals Law, Political Science and Constitutional Law, Sociology, Fundamentals of psychology, economics and management, Management, Occupational Health. 

Basic science: 

1st course: Mathematical analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Engineering Graphics, Linear algebra and analytic geometry. 

2nd course: Mathematical analysis, information theory and coding, Probability theory, Numerical methods , Physics, Theory of electric and magnetic circuits. 

3rd course: The theory of planning the experiment. 

4th course: General systems theory. 

Programming Training: 

1st course: Programming (Pascal, Delphi). 

2nd course: Programming (Pascal, Delphi), Programming in Assembler, Databases (FoxPro). 

3rd course: System Programming (Assembler), Parallel programming (Ada 95), Computer simulation, Computer Graphics, Organization of computational processes. 

4th course: Object-oriented programming (C, C + +, Visual C + +), Logic programming (Prolog), Operating Systems. 

5th course: software of computer systems, parallel computing technologies. 

Schematic preparation: 

1st course: Computer Logic, Computer arithmetic. 

2nd course: Fundamentals of computer design. 

3rd course: Computer Electronics, Computer architecture, Digital computers, peripheral devices. 

4th course: Networks, Fundamentals of  Automation  Design Automation of CT, Real-time systems, basics of information security, reliability and control of computers. 

5th course: Architecture of Computing Systems, Designing of Computing networks, network information technology, intelligent systems design.

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