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  Pedagogical School Department finally formed in period with 1970 to 1980 and being known not only in our country but also in 12 countries around the world. The school is represented not only by the team DCE NTUU "KPI", but also by the team of 4 branched departments that formed from its members ("VTIER", "Applied Mathematics", "Spec. The computer", computer Chernigovskaya branches) i CC KPI. In Bulgaria School represented departments in cities of Russe, Gabrovo, V. Tarnovo. Disciples of the department professors are a number of universities in Poland, Bulgaria, China, Algeria, Tunis, Livan, Cuba, Germany, Jordany, Morocco and others.



1978 First Prize winners "KPI" for the textbook "Electronic digital computers" (PhD Korniychuk V.I., ScD. Samofalov K.G., PhD Tarasenko  V.P.) 

   Directly on faculty at different times, employed 30 professors, ScD’s. Today there are 8 professors, ScD’s. Four doctoral students completing their dissertation at the department. 
    From the founding of the department is conducted planned commited preparation of the 
pedagogue and scientists – disciples of the department. Formed research and educational school of the department. Used possibility of selection for the best students on faculty, graduate students, doctorals. Number of graduate students and seeker from among employees of the department increases with the expansion of scientific research. From 1960 to 1965 were protected only 3 PhD’s Dissertation, then from 1965 to 1975 - already more than 35, and reserved three ScD’s dissertation (V.T. Kulik, Samofalov K.G., Kyselevskyy F.N.) . 
     From 1975 to 1991 through the post-graduate training at the department took more than 300 people, including 98 in foreign nationals of 42 countries of the world. 

Experience reading course was delivered two training institutes: Bulgarian VMEI city Habrovo and VMEI of Rousseau. 

     In Bulgaria was published textbook: K.G. Samofalov, H.Z. Karailiyev, V.I. Korneychuka "Digital computing machines", Gabrovo, KMTPO, 1976, 500 p.. In addition, Assoc.Prof. Korneychuk V.I. developed and successfully implemented in the educational process an automated system for consideration and analysis success of  students (with feedback connection),internal academic edition, which contains sets of tasks and control questions for the verification of knowledge, and also software systems for learning on computers. 
Under the leadership of Professor V.I. Zhabin was developed automated working place (AWP - student) based on sectioned microprocessors and DVK-2M computer. Laboratory on the basis of such technical devices provide real design of all levels of hardware means of digital computers. This laboratory was a unique and methodically maintained for studying and debug complex microprocessor systems using software-hardware emulation. That gave the possibility to exclude the process of making a specialized circuit. Great help, this laboratory has also provided for attendees of the Special Faculty «Microprocessor systems." 
     Over the course "Arithmetic logic foundation of the computer" read lectures; teach course development and laboratory practice teachers: Assoc.Prof. 
Pynevych M.M., Prof. Y.S. Kanevskij Assoc.Prof. Tretiak A.L., Assoc.Prof. Valuyskij V.N. 
   According to the course was prepared andi published textbook "Applied Digital automatons Theory" (K., High School, 1987, p. 375.). 
The following examples illustrate the completeness and solidity of the training processSimilarly were secured and all other courses of the curriculum.

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