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Themes for Research Efforts

  Field research completed by 2010 and major developments on them:

 (name of the main developments with the world level: the years of their implementation, examples of use)

1. "Floating-point CPU for the high-reliable computer SDA-3”. Period 1985-1986. Customer: Communications Ministry of the USSR. The processor was serially produced by PA in the name of Korolev in 1987-1990. His performance and accuracy consistent with the world s best special-purpose processors. It was used in the means of defense of the USSR and Warsaw Pact countries. Scientific adviser - Prof. Loutskii G.M.

 2. "Specialized CAD of computer systems." Systems have been created by the order of several branch offices of enterprises (Ministry of Electronic Industry, Ministry of Radio Industry, Ministry of General Machine Building and other) during the period 1970-1990  and implemented on KNIIMP, Kiev - 1975, NGOs SKB MP, Lviv - 1976 ., POAElectronmash ", Kiev - 1980, NGO "Northern Dawn", Leningrad – 1990. Supervisor Buzovskii O.V.

 3. "Automated systems for diagnosing computer systems." Systems were developed in the late 80 s to the request of the enterprises and put in: NGO ZTA, Cherkasy - 1989; NGO "Red Dawn", Leningrad - 1990 Supervisor Buzovskii OV

 4.  "Development of a number of ferroelectric memory devices with non-destructive readout” These works were carried out during the 70-80-ies on the request of the enterprises and the Ministry of Radio Industry and Ministry of Electronic Industry USSR (PO F-4728, A-8941, A-1464, A-3359, etc.) . Applications of the devices - electronic means of defense. Supervisor Samofalov K.G.

 5. "Seismic calculator SW-1”, developed in 1979 and implemented in the digital complex NGO Ukrgeofizika. Computator SW-1 is a multiprocessor computer system that was used as a special processor for ES-1020, where for the first time in the USSR  the systolic processing of the data with a total capacity of 8 million transactions per second was organized, and whose performance exceeded the world s best konvolvers of the leading at the time company Geospace, USA. The scientific adviser Kanevsky Y.S.

 6. "The computing system of a spectrum analyzer”. Year of 1987-1988. Customer” Institute of Instrumentation in the name of Gorky. Implemented in 1989 and 1990 years in the series of spectrum analyzers - SK4-91, SK4-92, SK4-93, SK4-94. Analyzers were serially produced at the Moscow factory of radio measuring equipment. Analyzers are built on high-speed blocks of multichannel digital filtering and fast Fourier transform processors. Their performance exceeded the performance of the spectrum analyzer s of leading companies: Hewlett-Packard, Nicolet, Bruel & Kjaer thanks to the development and use of a new class of systolic processors, new digital filters and information processing methods, the main part of which is protected by introduced inventions, AS: 1092517, 1095188, 1095191, 1145346, 1206802, 1264306, 1287175, 1333196. Supervisor Kanevsky Y.S.

 7. "Measuring the signals in the rail network of  the automated train speed monitoring system in the subway." Year of 1992-1993. Customer Kiev Metro. Introduced in 1993 in Kiev, in 1994-1995 - at Kharkov and Moscow metro. Meter was the first portable, automatic, digital, multi-channel measuring device for rail transport in the CIS. Thanks to the use of advanced signal processing algorithms, the spectral probe had several times greater performance compared with the best foreign devices (device HP3563 Hewlett-Packard) and at the same time had 20 times lower cost. The scientific adviser Kanevsky Y.S.

 8. "Information management of computer controls and diagnostics of powerful  energy facilities based on future generation artificial intelligence systems." The budget issue 4240 of the State Fund of Basic Research 12.3/81, code "Vatra", 1993-1994, devoted to the problem of intellectualization of control, diagnosis and supervisory control of powerful energy facilities and energy systems based on the concept of applying the theory, mechanisms and means of semiotic modeling. The scientific adviser Prof. Shyrochin V.P.

 9. "The concept, conceptual approaches, the legal framework of information security in computer systems." The budget issue 3001 of the national program, code "Protection-41", 1993-1994, devoted to developing the concept of software certification, information security and software hardware complexes in Ukraine, which is based on generally accepted models of security systems, including domestic and foreign regulations, accounting the experience of development by Ukrainian specialists and scientists in the field of information security, debug and increasing the reliability of programs and the correctness of program execution. Results of work were used in the creation of the State Standard of Ukraine on protection of information "Criteria for protection of computer systems and networks" Supervisors Loutskii G.M., Shyrochin V.P.

 10. "Development of software and hardware means for the control of information flows”. The work was performed under the national program "The concept, conceptual approaches, the legal framework of information security in computer systems", code "Protection-41 ", 1993 -1994 years. Customer DW TZI Ukraine. Dedicated to development of technical means of verification and certification of protected computers on the basis of specialized streaming media monitoring devices. Supervisor Pustovarov V.I.
11. "Alternative systems of simulation based on the language of Verilog HDL”. Development was performed under the contract between the KPI and the firm Aldec Inc, USA, 1998 – 2001. An approach to increase the speed of verification of electronic circuits based on simulation was proposed. Supervisor Pustovarov V.I.
12. "Development of high-performance computing tools for CNC systems”. Developments are protected by 32 copyright certificates in the USSR and patents of Ukraine. Supervisor Prof. Zhabin V.I.

 13. "The complex of budget themes on the order of Ministry of Education by numbers: 2264, 2437, 2501”. Years of 1997-2003. A library of computational modules for FPGA computer systems design, which includes the nucleus of i8051/8052 microcontrollers, RISC-core microprocessor architecture ARMv.4, processors for fast Fourier transform, discrete cosine transform, decoding audio files in MP3 format, digital filters. Computational modules are described in the language VHDL. Created the means to exceed the global patterns of performance (1,1-1,5 times), the hardware cost (1,2-3 fold) and power consumption. Supervisor Kanevsky Y.S., executive - PhD Sergienko A.M.

 14. "Research and development of physical, technical and technological basis for designing and manufacturing of components and devices of computing technologies and acoustic instruments on the piezoelectric boards”. Supervisor Samofalov K.G., executive - PhD Martyniuk Y.V.

 15. The development of designs, technologies and manufacturing of ceramic board and the multiplier of electrons for the digital multichannel detector for laser mass spectrometer. Years 2001-2003. Customer - Institute of Applied Physics, NASU, Sumy. Two types of digital detectors with aperture size of 10 and 50 mm and the number of digital detectors 400 and 2000 units were designed. Design was implemented and went to an experimental production on the plant of electron microscopes, Sumy. The real time resolution in digital laser mass spectrometric no less than 3000 lines at the aperture of 250 mm and the sensitivity of 10-4-10-8 for mass composition of a substance was achieved, that allows to real-time display all of the elements of the periodic table and at least 10 isotopes of each element. The results achieved so far are the best in the world. The scientific adviser Martyniuk Y.V, performer Verba E. A.

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