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    Welcome to the department of computer engineering at National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI".

   Department of Computing Engineering was established in 1960, this is the first and leading department in Ukraine, which trains specialists (programmers, system programmers, system administrators, developers and users) in the aspect of software and hardware of computers, parallel and distributed systems and networks. The department known for its scientific work, which found a map in 46 books, 162-guidelines and manuals, 850 patents and of course, in the preparation of highly qualified specialists through graduate and doctoral studies.
    Science Department School is represented in Ukraine and 18 countries by 300 PhD’s and 18 ScD’s of technical sciences.Training and research work is maid by highly qualified teachers and researchers, including 7 professors and 19 associate professors. For large part of the disciplines the teachers of the department published guidelines and manuals.


Scientific Work

Area of the specialists preparation

   The department trains bachelors of Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Software Engineering, masters in computer systems and networks and masters of software systems. Given their long experience, the experience of leading universities in the U.S. and Europe training program for bachelors and masters complies modern international standards. Specialty "Computer systems and networks” get deep and fundamental knowledge of design, development of software and application programming of complex computer systems: distributed and clustered computer systems, local, global and corporate computer networks. Activities of specialty "Software of automatic systems" associated with developing and maintaining the application software for computer systems and networks, enterprising systems and networks, decision support systems, automated control systems, intelligent systems, software products for business, Web portals, multimedia software, data and knowledge bases, software, information security in computer systems and networks.

Studying in the lead Universities of Europe

   Students of the department have the ability to simultaneously study in NTUU "KPI" get Bachelor and Master in Germany, France or Austria.

   Students of the department on the practice in Germany

   The study process and scientific research work of students are provided by laboratories:

1. Modern information technology, computer networking and high performance computer systems.
2. Programming and automation of computer systems.
3. System programming, artificial intelligence systems and databases.
4. Architecture of computing systems.
5. Modeling distributed systems and computer security.
6. Laboratory of the Technology of piezoelectric devices.
7. The Laboratory of functional Electronics.

Educational - Research Center Hewlett-Packard (HP)

   There is the first in Ukraine research center, opened by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in the Ukraine. The Center aim – is to support universities in Ukraine, training IT high-leveled professionals and to give access to modern computer technologies for students. Students study HP server technology and receive an international certificate.


    The Department established the International Institute of Technology HP, which main aim is the introduction of modern computer technology in the learning process and industry of Ukraine. Thanks to this KPI becomes one of more than 20 universities in Central and Eastern Europe which joined the MIT HP program.

Scientific and research work of the Department

 Today formed research area. Theory of networked information technology, methods and tools of hardware and software implementation of high performance computer systems and networks focused on distributed information processing in the cluster, GRID and Cloud environments. 

This research area includes:

- Theoretical and applied research in a high performance parallel computing systems

- Methods and tools of adaptive security management of computer systems and networks.

- Methods and tools of improving parallel computing in real-time computer systems. 

- Methods and tools of constructing components and systems for ferroelectric nonvolatile memory for computers and electronics.

- Development models and methods of synthesis of computer systems for processing data streams.

- Development of technologies and means of structural and object-oriented programming.

- Development and research methods of semantic analysis of natural and computer languages in artificial intelligence systems.

- Automation of analysis and formal verification of specifications for automation programming and simulation.

- Research and development of modern networked information technologies-oriented on distributed processing with a given quality of service.

- Methods and means to improve solving problems in heterogeneous computing environment.

- Improved corporate information systems, including information systems of universities.

- Analysis of risks in information security problems of distributed systems.

   Department of Computing Engineering is one of the founders and developers of conception of the building center of supercomputer calculations. Department staff take leading positions in the state of this center and their efforts ensured a high level of efficiency and technical support for working of the center. Scientists of the Department H.M. Loutskii, Y.O.Kulakov, A.V. Korochkin, S.G. Stirenko take active part in developing of the concept of high-performance computing complex and building of cluster NTUU "KPI". This complex is included to the high performance GRID-environment and takes tasks for handling from all-world-known European Centre of Nuclear Researching (CERN, Switzerland). 

Student competition

   The department staff took an active part in organization of the International Olympiad in Programming «KPI-OPEN». Students took prizes in national competitions in software engineering and in computer networks.

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