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The department offers training experts following qualification levels:

bachelor : 6.050102 «Computer’Engineering»

bachelor : 6.050103 «Software Engineering»

speciality : «Computer systems and networks »

«Software systems»

Types of studies on department - full–time and by correspondence.

The Department gives students a fundamental knowledge of the following courses: 
Software development

2. Hardware development 

Specialty «Computer systems and networks» get deep and thorough knowledge of design, development, operation system and application programming of complex computer systems: distributed and clustered computer systems, local, global and corporate computer networks.

Activities of specialty «Software systems» associated with developing and maintaining the application software, computer systems and networks, enterprise systems and networks, decision support systems, automated control systems. Intelligent systems for business software, Web-portals, multimedia software, data and knowledge bases, software, information security of computer systems and networks.

Students have a possibility of teaching at the University of Merzeburh (Germany) to obtain bachelors and master's degrees, bachelors can simultaneously receive master's degree at the University of Le Mans (France) with a specialty in «Human and Computer » or «Architecture of real-time computer systems».

First educational center opened by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Ukraine works on the department. The Center aim - is to support universities in Ukraine in training IT professionals and to provide high level of student access to modern computer technology. Students undergoing training HP server technology and receive an international certificate.

Starting from the third year students have the opportunity to study at the Military Department and obtain the rank of reserve lieutenant.

Courses at the department provided by 7 professors, Sc.D. and 12 associate professors, Ph.D. Science school department has more than 200 postgraduate and doctoral graduates in 18 countries.

Nonresident students have the opportunity to stay in the hostel.

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